Not Just Another Pool Service offers a wide variety of services to ensure that your pool and/or stay healthy and are maintained the way they should be in order to minimize repairs and maximize the enjoyment of your investment.

Monthly Pool Maintenance
We offer monthly maintenance for your pool or spa. To read more about our monthly maintenance program please click here.  

Pool Equipment Repairs, Warranty and Replacement

Not Just Another Pool Service is well versed in repairs and replacement. We can do pump repairs / installation, filter replacements, salt system repairs / installation, electronic automation repairs / installation, gas heater repairs / installation and heat pump installations plus many other requested services. Please call our office for a free quote.

We operate under our Construction State License QB0011621 and RP0067123 and our Liquefied Petroleum Gas License 28602. We are also fully insured.

Green / Black Pool Cleanup

If a pool has been neglected over a period of time and needs a total cleaning, we will be able to turn it around. This can be as simple as bringing it back into chemistry balance or draining and giving the complete pool an acid wash and refilling.

Contact us to find out what the best solution for your situation is.
Warranty Repair and Service

We have the ability to offer warranty and/or service repair for the following companies and their extensive product lines. To visit the manufacturer's website directly please click on their respective logo below.